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Classroom Expectations

2021-2022                                            Ms. Gossen                                             

Science / Room 207

Email:  Phone:  580-772-5888

Class Dojo or Schoology


Grading and Make up Policy:  Students will receive grades on many different types of assignments, projects, papers quizzes and participation.  Anyone found cheating on any of these will receive a zero (0) for that assignment. Each assignment will be graded on a point system as they will be varying length and difficulty.  The assignment with the point values and grade will be visible in PowerSchool.

The ten (10) point scale system will be followed:  100-90  A

                                                                                                89-80  B

                                                                                                79-70  C

                                                                                                69-60  D

                                                                                                59-below F

The 5th grade late / missing policy will be followed: 

a)  late papers will have 10 points taken off the final grade of the assignment 

b)  only one (1) replacement paper(s) for the graded work will be given 

c)  there will be a two (2) week deadline for late/missing work during the fall semester;  

     after two weeks a zero will be given.  During the spring semester a one week (1) deadline

     for late/missing work will be in place.

d)  reworking of papers will be allowed the first semester ONLY for a grade of 69% and

      below.  The new grade will be averaged with the original grade.  During the second

      semester the grade earned will be the grade recorded. 

It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work as everything is put on Schoology in case of absence and to clearly communicate what is expected daily.  I will not remind students that they have make-up work to complete. 


Classroom Rules: In addition to the outlined West Elementary rules, specific classroom rules are to be followed while in my classroom.  These rules are in place to maintain a positive learning environment for all students.

a)     Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.  LISTEN!

b)     Raise your hand to ask a question or speak during class unless called upon.

c)    Stay in your seat unless you have permission to be up.

d)    Keep hands / feet all objects to yourself

e)    No cursing or teasing / bullying.

f)     Be RESPECTFUL to yourself, others, teacher and classroom.

g)    Be prepared to learn!      RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, READY

Consequences for violation will be verbal warning, planner signed, privileges removed, and parents notified.  I expect my students to maintain proper behavior, good manners and above all to be respectful of others!