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Dr. Musik's Games

Online games and fun!

Groove Pizza

Start working with one of the "specials" pizza presets and add/remove "toppings" to adjust the groove, or click on the "Shapes" tab and drag various shapes onto the big circle to play and explore math-inspired grooves. 

Elemental Musical Adventures

Tons of musical sites, experiments, and experiences!

Music Symbol Challenge

Name the music symbols using retro arcade games!

Line Rider

Create your own Line Rider! Just click PLAY.


Create your own killer loops!

6/8 Time Warp

Test your knowledge of 6/8 time with these retro arcade games!

Brain Games Memory Game

See if you can beat the computer at this sequential memory game!

Music Memory Matching

Mega Music Memory Matching!

Music Play Online

Click on STUDENT and enter code j583428 to access music games.

Fun Brain Piano Player

Test your memory with this fun game.

Play a Kandinsky Piece

The artist Kandinsky had a rare condition that allowed him to “hear” colors and shapes in his head. Explore what he might have heard using this Google Experiment.

Google Blob Opera

Have fun creating your own blob opera! *Note: only works with newer devices.

Chrome Music Lab

Experiment in the music lab!

Music Tech Teacher

Click on the Games/Quizzes tab to play!

Kelly Riley's Music Games

Everything from Whack-a-Note to composing your own music or building your own music town! Scroll down the page to find your grade level.

Classics for Kids

Enjoy games about classical composers.

DSO music games

Explore the Dallas Symphony Orchestra through their website and enjoy games!

Sphinx Kids

Learn about composers and orchestral instruments through games!

Arts Alive

The United States National Center for the Arts has activities for learning about composers, orchestral instruments, and more!

Learning Games for Kids

Art and music games online, including instrument matching and pitch memory games.

Grandview Music Games

Ultimate list of music games.

Inside the Orchestra

Learn about all the instruments of the orchestra, and then use your knowledge in fun games and activities!

The ULTIMATE List of Music Games

WOW! Check out all the online music games on this website!

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